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Bellinda Francious

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1Bellinda Francious Empty Bellinda Francious on Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:49 pm


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Main Username: Soulix

The Magic of Me...

Name: Bellinda Francious
Nickname: Bells
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: Slim, Average Height
Type: Witch

Who Is a Witch...

Appearance: Standing at an unusually tall height, Bellinda either has posture when serious, or a hunched back when playful. She wears an arsenic, silky gown. The gown shimmers with a darker black, as if not reflecting light at all. Other than that, her robe is undesigned with a clear color, very vague. Bellinda also wears herself an arsenic cowl that darkens her face completely. Under her cowl is an unscarred face at first, being empty of any acne, as she has a pair of bole colored eyes, and a set of really just, regular lips. She keeps her tongue hidden usually, as it is an inch longer than the normal human tongue. She also, of course, has a set of arsenic, leather gloves, and black, checkerboarded tennis shoes, the other color scheme was white. the article of clothing that sticks out the most.
Her hair is as well, a shimmering arsenic, short and rigid at the bottom, ending at her ears.

Personality: Bellinda, she likes to look creepy with a glinting pair of eyes and teeth under her cowl, but is more serious than disturbed. Being a witch, she has an evil archetype. Bellinda enjoys melancholy, anarchy, and more of a state of deleterious than a state of Absolution. She's the kind of person to show fake empathy, fake sympathy. She may want said victim to die before here, but she's almost always up for listening to their troubles. Bellinda may give those unknowing a sense of safety amongst her when in disguise, but in the end it's her massive ego, cynical and sinister that makes her just as scornful to others as any villain. It is possible to get on her good side, or soft spot, as she has a small mercy for some saints, children, or even those too angsty or hotheaded for their own good.

Fighting Style: Bellinda usually uses dirty tricks, or stealth to strike without the enemy knowing. She's always got her athame, despite having enhancement spells to use as a bone-dagger.-- her black outfit gives her excellent camouflage in the night.

Show You My Spells...

Power Source: Hedgehog

1) Spinal Knuckles - A set of bleached bones, pointed at the tip like a dagger would. More or less used as a melee. May be fired at a target and regrown again. These spikes grow from each knuckle, the skin will grow back after retracting back into her hand by default.
2) Bone Bastard Sword - Just a large, spiked bone that grows and disconnects from her palm to act as a heavy sword, sharp of course. Not much elaboration needed, as it's just a plain sword made from bone.
3) Bone Tail - Self explanatory. A bone tail, with a triangular tip at the end. Grows from her tailbone. Used as a scare tactic, although it is much like a whip or stinger.
4) Chakra Ball - A mass of Chakra Bellinda can shoot from her palm at will. Passes through matter and causes excruciating pain to all victims. Does not damage enemies, only works as to effect stimulus. Pain varies between how durable one's chakra is.
5) Haste - A basic spell, increases speed and flight by 3X. Great for getaways and fast attacks. Has a cooldown, and also makes the user less durable, I.E. attacks hurt more.

The Magic Mirror...

History: A witch kept seclude from a lot of social activity for a long time in childhood, her mother was strict on her, training her in the ways of witchcraft and spells. At the age of 18, she left her home to live on her own. She keeps seclude still, trying to stay neglected by any normal citizens of the world. Bellinda has yet to make herself a well known antagonist. Her only activity has been so far; stalking and executing wandering travelers outside of any city limit, or any campsites or other small residents to where no higher authority can be contacted -- In other words, she secretly kills those who she finds alone. Her residence is yet to be known.

She took her strict training as a child slightly well, passing the period of childhood with a well enough efficiency. She has yet to find a significant other, or even a sane, human friend. She has a very vague memory of her past, although her memory has began to become more remembering in the past few months.

RP Sample: A desert setting, as the dust blew calmly this night. A man jogged through the sandy climate, a large backpack on his back, making him hunched. This man had a straw hat, as well as a toned, strong body. He wore a casual, brown tee shirt, and as well loose, baggy jeans, torn at the ends and riddled with small holes.He bled from his wounds, leaving a trail of blood behind him, as it appeared the flank of his calves had been pierced and dug through his flesh. He pushed on, on the verge of collapsing.

Bellinda swayed on her broom behind him, chuckling. "Kukukuku!" she laughed, trailing behind him at his pace, watching him rock around and plummet to the ground from the pain, he had lost large amounts of blood, he was done in.

The man hyperventalated, breathing heavily as his chest pounding, he felt as if his heart would burst out of his abdominal from all the rocking around, but it didn't. He looked to the being on the broomstick, as Bellinda wore her cowl over her head, making her face a shadow, as she looked like an anonymous witch.

She finished her crackling, staring at him from under her cowl, her eyes unseeable, the man was confused. His backpack had flailed away from him from the collapse, and he hadn't an idea why this was happening. His thought patterns were jagged, off and on because of his unbearable pain. His vision blurred, as he saw the witch give him a thumbs up before swinging around and zooming off.
His eyes shut, he lay there, pale, unmoving.


*Possible Mary Sue unintentional, I will redo her if she actually is.
*I know for a fact, I will not use Bellinda to godmod or powergame.
*Thanks for taking time to read!


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