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Aalekh Kaswala meister

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1Aalekh Kaswala meister Empty Aalekh Kaswala meister on Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:28 pm


Main Username: aalekh

My Soul Calls...

Name: Aalekh Kaswala
Nickname: none
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 5'8 140 Pounds
Type: Meister
Current Partner:N/A

Swing Thy Blades!

Appearance: Aalekh is normal height for his age and his weight is fairly normal, he has a tan complexion and black hair, his eyes are a dark brown, so dark that if seen in a dark room there almost black. Aalekh walks around confidently he barely picks his feet up while walking making a rather annoying stomping noise, his ears are rather large. His hair is unkempt and usually resembles a bowl cut, His eyes are filled with enthusiasm and energy. His soul is an ice blue with a small tattoo in the top right corner, the eyes give off a confident vibe and it gives off a smirk.

Aalekh has 1 features the distinguish him from the normal people, he has a long scar that stretches down his entire face and into the upper region of his neck, The second is that a tattoo on the side of his arm, the tattoo show's a picture of something no one seems to understand it, The scar is fading so it is the same color as his complexion, it was obtained in a riot when he was younger, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a government officials son they tortured him till his father agreed to come get him.
Attire Aalekh wears a shirt that lights up around noise it was a gift from a vacation he once went, he also wears baggy pants that are a dark red. Aalekh is never seen without a pair of headphones he is always listening to something, he has trained himself to hear over the music and listen to others, Aalekh also wears light green shoes with white stripes adorning the top and sides.

Personality: Aalekh is one of the most energetic people you'll ever meet, his eagerness to try new things has landed him trouble dozen's of times. Aalekh is often happy to learn but is never satisfied with learning in a classroom he'd rather learn through experience. Aalekh is very confident but never eager to fight he'd rather find a diplomatic solution than fight. Aalekh always tries to get on everyone's good side and never realizes when he says the wrong things, He often assumes a leadership position. Aalekh doesn't always no when people like him, this uncertainty makes him strive harder to make that person his friend, which often backfires.

Aalekh is very resourceful, though this resourcefulness leads to home projects and then to breaking things. When in a leadership position he always tries to come up with the best ideas, he likes to feel that people rely on him for something. Aalekh hates losing,whenever he makes a mistake he'll sulk about what he could've done to stop it. Aalekh does everything he can to lighten the mood even in the most serious situations he'll be the same happy go lucky person he was before.

Aalekh has a distinct fear of spiders, this fear is what drove him to join Shibusen once he saw that a group that worshiped the spider witch he had no choice but to defeat them, what kind of person worships a spider. The mere thought of a giant spider terrifies him. He also has a fear of rejection, he is scared that the first time he talks he'll give off a bad vibe and that no will like him, he has no experience in dating because hes never been into it,he has never experienced love from anybody not even his parents.

Fighting Style: Aalekh's eager attitude usually makes him a fast hitter, he usually attacks with fast quick jabs then he'll steadily build till he's fighting head on.
He fights with little to no armor because it drags him down making him slower and it reduces how long he can fight due to his low endurance, if aalekh becomes unarmed he is familiar with tai kwon do and will use it to defend attack and strike as fast as he can, but quality isn't quantity so he wont do much damage and will need someone to come help him.

Feel My Wrath...

Abilities: Soul Perception: Aalekh is talented in soul perception and has a knack for it, if he were to be trained he might have a very strong soul perception, he is able to see wavelengths fairly well and can see the general connection of another weapon meister pair. This helps understand how strong a connection people have and also help figure out what kind of figure out what kind of fighter they are. (arrogant=sloppy, most of the time)

Strengths: Tae kwon do, stamina, intelligence, speed,
Weaknesses: endurance, too trusting, physically Weak, Uncoordinated,Poor Hearing,

Turn Back the Clock...

History:Aalekh was born in India, Aalekh's childhood was a clean and orderly one, He tried to please his mother and father as best as he could but even his best displays were only acknowledged with cold smiles. When Aalekh was 4 he was taught many different languages and had a tedious schedule which started with piano and ended with taekwondo. Aalekh was only used as an adornment of sorts, he was never acknowledged unless there was someone who wanted to brag about him. Aalekh knew that he could never change this attitude towards him but he had to try, he had to please them and this led to him being more outgoing telling everything to his parents so that they would listen and at some point actually show him some sort of love, it never happened. Aalekh soon grew to be 13 where his slow budding independence sprang up, this birthday was also they day he realized his parents would never love him.

The Day aalekh hit 13 was the day he was captured and tortured till his father met there demands. Aalekh was in his home, the only person watching him was his nanny who was cleaning upstairs, aalekh heard a knock so he opened the door and his world went black it was also the last time he saw the nanny again, there were gunshots and screams and then silence. Once he was painfully dragged from his house they put him in a small room with one light, like the on in movies, When he opened his eyes he saw a man with a small knife and a devilish grin, Aalekh was instantly terrified of the man as he approached him he slid the knife across his face and down his neck as another man took pictures to send to his dad no doubt. Aalekh was terrified he could only feel the blood on his face the pain was there but he felt none of it as if it was waiting, but another man stepped through a doorway and held the devil guy's hand, "Enough" The devil guy put the knife down and left in submission that is aalekh saw before another black out hit him. Aalekh woke once more in agony as the pain hit him, mostly on his arm as he looked at it, There seemed to be a prick like from a needle, they probably injected some sort of drug into him, he saw 4 men come in and they bagged him taking him back to his house, he was dumped in a alley where the police found him and took him home where life was normal.

Aalekh's life went on as normal as he resumed his daily routine his 12th birthday came and went, Aalekh had heard about shibusen and its weapon and Meister pair up and then he heard about arachnophobia thats when he really wanted to join shibusen, any organization that was directed towards spiders needed to be fought, Aalekh had a deathly fear of spiders which later turned into a hate once he learned of arachnophobia. The only thing in aalekh's mind was a thought attend shibusen. This thought was like an instinct it ate at him every day till finally during his 13th birthday he finally gave in, he took 2000 dollars and boarded a train, He boarded multiple trains till he finally reached shibusen where he finally rested and the sensation that had ate him was gone, he had finally reached a place that he knew he would belong. Aalekh soon after decided to forgot every useless skill he had ever learned and instead try to hone his fighting abilites and try to practice things that mattered.
RP Sample:

Aalekh was enjoying a leisurly day at school, no interruptions, not even the common snickering, he was an outcast he was made fun of it was the nature of things. Then he noticed a peculiar locker shaking in the distance, as he neared it he noticed it was his, when he turned and stared directly at it, something stinked inside of it, like the rot of a dead corpse. Aalekh gathered the bravery to open the locker."h..hello" The locker instantly exploded with gobfuls of blood, the sticky substance was all over aalekh on his clothers in his mouth everywhere he was drenched in it. A face appeared before aalekh puked, "Welcome little one, Welcome to the madhouse". Suddenly Aalekh was in a circus, but the performers weren't right, the first clown he saw had a normal face on one side but the other side was melting and his eyes were slowly sinking then bobbing, Aalekh booked it towards the nearest Exit, there was a huge clearing and with lightning speed, the face from before caught up to him, Aalekh could see it clearly the face was upside down and its body was facing the oppisite direction of its body. "W..WHAT ARE YOU!" "Silly boy, You cannot escape the madhouse, sooner or later ill come get you, and you finally become one with the madness" As the clown spoke Aalekhs body flew into incredible pain, as the muscles erupted from his skin and his flesh was torn off, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" As his screaming increased so did something else, something in the back of his mind, Riiiiiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiiing.

Aalekh awoke to the sound of his alarm clock, "Thank god, it was only a dream" As aalekh slowly recovered he put on his trademark clothes and headed for school. The Clowns troubled aalekh throughout his entire day, He was having trouble focusing when his mind wandered off it suddenly came back to the dream. Aalekh decided to skip school, a first, and turned around and entered the place where he had just left, "If i see a clown again, i might just go crazy" He chuckled at himself for the crazy thoughts in his head, "The Madness wavelength is probably just effecting me like everyone else, i mean when something like ashura is loose, alot of people probably have nightmares"


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2Aalekh Kaswala meister Empty Re: Aalekh Kaswala meister on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:34 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
I see what u did thar >.>

[b]Main Account:[/b] (name of the account you use most)

[center][i][u][color=#00A6FF]My Soul Calls...[/color][/u][/i][/center]

[b]Name:[/b] full name
[b]Age:[/b] 13-18 please
[b]Height & Weight:[/b]
[b]Type:[/b] Meister
[b]Current Partner:[/b] for meisters and weapons

[center][u][i][color=#00A6FF]Swing Thy Blades![/color][/u][/i][/center]

[b]Picture:[/b] (optional, but it would be nice)
[b]Appearance:[/b] make it pretty detailed, two paragraphs or so at least.

[b]Personality:[/b] Detailed, at least two paragraphs

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] How does your character fight?

[center][i][u][color=#00A6FF]Feel My Wrath...[/color][/u][/i][/center]

[b]Abilities:[/b]  for meisters this includes any soul abilities

[b]Strengths:[/b] battle strengths please
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] battle weaknesses

[center][u][i][color=#00A6FF]Turn Back the Clock...[/color][/u][/i][/center]

[b]History:[/b] make it about 3-4 paragraphs, or longer

[b]RP Sample:[/b] Of the character you are making!

Anyway, please use that. It's similar but there are some small changes.

Also, the secret word is not meerkat.

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3Aalekh Kaswala meister Empty Re: Aalekh Kaswala meister on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:46 pm


If I could I would but the scrolling feature doesn't work on iPhones so I can't get anything but the first few lines and secret word is in my likes.

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4Aalekh Kaswala meister Empty Re: Aalekh Kaswala meister on Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:36 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi

I fixed up the form for you, just add some abilities, any resonances & soul perception/soul wavelength attacks

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5Aalekh Kaswala meister Empty Re: Aalekh Kaswala meister on Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:52 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
Everything looks okay, you're accepted!

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