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Shinigami's Announcement and the Grand Re-Opening of Shibusen

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Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi

"Attention students of Shibusen Academy! The Academy is officially re-opened! As you all well know, after the defeat of the Kishin Asura the Academy closed down for renovation. Thankfully, our faithful students continued to hunt Kishin down and the world didn't fall into total chaos! Thanks students!

But, there is still plenty of work to be done! There are a few announcements from Spirit Albarn!"

"The first announcement, the Two-Star Meister Squad has been officially formed! The name is Spartoi. Each Spartoi member will be given elitist missions and a new Spartoi outfit to wear on missions. Spartoi Squad Listings are on the main Bulletin.

The second announcement, there is a reason that the school had to reopen so hastily. The Witch Arachne and the Witch Medusa have both revived. We don't know much of their plans, but we are counting on you students to take care of all missions assigned to you, wether they pertain to the witches or not. That is not all. There is a new Kishin. The identity of this Kishin is unknown. Shinigami has once again managed to seal the Kishin below the school, but we must be prepared. Guards will be posted around off-limits areas of the school.

Please, continue as you normally would, defeat Kishin Eggs so we don't have any more Kishin to deal with! All teachers are required to attend weekly meetings to prepare for Witch Attacks and Potential Kishin Attacks. When the time comes, students will be briefed on these assignments. We do not know what the Witches are planning, but it likely has to do with the Kishin.

Thank you and welcome back!"

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