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Nectum Katama (Meister)

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1Nectum Katama (Meister) Empty Nectum Katama (Meister) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:53 am


New Member
New Member
Main Account: Soul_Kale12321
My Soul Calls...

Name: Nectum Katama
Age: 15
Height & Weight:5' 6'' 160
Type: Meister
Current Partner: Hazard Hellenberg

Swing Thy Blades!

Appearance: He has thick,dark black hair. His eyes are dark blue with green specks in them. He isn't buff, but is stronger than what he looks. His has light tan skin.

He often wears a plain black T-shirt with a striped black and white pullover. He often wears dark blue jeans or black sweatpants. He wears a red headband on his head.

Personality: He has the qualities a leader needs. Determination, courage,responsibility, and he is very resourceful, but he is very shy and afraid to be himself if it will make him stand out. He is very modest and doesn't like to boast very often, but he has his moments where it is all about him. He knows his weapon is there for him, and he isn't as shy when Hazard is around. He tries to make Hazard come with him where ever he goes, so he won't be lonely. He gets along with other well, but they have to get past his shyness first.

When he fight, however, he surprised people who do not know him well. He will take charge and lead the fight. His shyness melts away. He likes to make a fool out the opponents as he effortlessly dodges his their attacks. He gets excited when he is battling against someone. He loves the rush and the life-or-death situation.

Fighting Style: His fighting style takes after the Drunken Monkey Style. He tends to dodge attacks and wait for openings. When he gets close, he uses Hazard to block and attack when an opening arises. From a distance he tends to frustrate opponents. He is very agile and can strike with great force. He tends to be a distraction while the rest of the members gang up and eliminate the threat

Feel My Wrath...

Soul Perception

Witch Side Slicer- Hazard's blade grows in size and takes on a silvery glow with a hint of green in it. He can use this to penetrate any witch's skin.
Greed Slicer- Hazard's blade grows even larger than in his Witch Side Slicer form, and takes on a rainbow color. He can use this to penetrate any evil.
Kishin Slicer- Hazard's blade grows to the same size as his Greed Slicer, but grows large points that surround his blade. This move is hard to use, but it can immediately kill any Kishin Egg.

Very agile
1 on 1 matches
doesn't take hits too well
Turn Back the Clock...

History: He grew up with his only his dad, Kevin, and older brother, Dane. He knew his mother till she was killed by a keshin egg when he was four. His dad told him that she left them His father is martial artist and taught both of his sons martial arts. Nectum didn't want to learn till much later.They lived in a small house in Death City. He had a pet cat named Yoda.

When he was six, he was intrigued with Death Academy. He wanted to know more about the academy and what it did, so he asked his dad. His dad explained it to him, and Nectum was very confused and gave up the idea. He, instead, played basket ball with some of his friends

When he was 10, his dad was attacked by a kishen egg. He survived the assult, but was hurt very badly. Nectum was told that he would not survive the injuries. Nectum went to a deep depression. His big brother was still with him and he tried to help him out of the depression, but what ever he did, failed.

But when he was 12, his brother explained that the academy could help him make sure this doesn't happen to others. he made a pact with himself that when he was ready, he would join the academe and help others. He train with his brother in martial arts and developed his own version of the drunken monkey. He joined the academy when he was 14
RP Sample:
"Hey Dane. I'm really nervous about this. You sure I'm ready to join?"

"Yeah Nectum! You trained really hard for this! You wanted to do this right? So you can make sure less people get hurt right? Well, this will help you."

"Alright bro! I'm ready."
Nectum and Dane walked into Death Academy. It was Nectum's first day. He was very nervous about meeting Death and all the new people. He knew he was really shy, and he knew he had to get over it."I have to do this. I'm nervous, have a hard time making friends, and want to make the world safer. I really hope this will let me get over my weaknesses and help me defeat the kishin eggs."

Nectum remembers that day. That was the day he joined the academy and met Hazard. He knew that if it wasn't for his brother, he would have never joined and would have never met these people.


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2Nectum Katama (Meister) Empty Re: Nectum Katama (Meister) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:04 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
:/ It needs to follow the form.

Follow the form EXACTLY. That's first.

Your appearance should be two paragraphs, one describing his physical looks, and another describing his outfit(s)

Personality needs to be extended to at least two paragraphs. Work on the grammar in this section as well.

The History needs to be 3-4 paragraphs. What was Nectum like before he came to Shibusen? How did his life go from since he was born to now.

Strengths and Weaknesses should be related to battle. The only battle one I see is agile. I'll make a thread that will help people out with this area. Your Weaknesses and Strengths should be even, so your character is balanced out well.

He's also slightly too large for a 14 year old boy. Change his age or his height and weight.

Revise this, use the complete form as well.

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3Nectum Katama (Meister) Empty Re: Nectum Katama (Meister) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:35 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
You're just missing the secret word. Everything else looks okay, except for the Stengths & Weaknesses. I'll post a thread soon to help you out with that. I'd also like a little more on his appearance please. Also, make sure when you RP, stay in the past tense.

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Commencing deletion

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