Soul Resonance is a Soul Eater RPG totally dedicated to entertaining Soul Eater fans! We're a new community who will hopefully grow rapidly! We're always prepared to help out and we're a good community! We follow the plotline of the anime, but if you haven't seen it, don't worry; You can find it anywhere!
So just click the register button and we'll see you around! And even if you don't decide to join, thanks for stopping by!

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Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
THE STAFF are here to do our jobs. We are here to make the site run smoothly. You must respect every decision a staff member makes, wether you like it or not. In fact, you should not complain about or give attitude to any staff member. If you don't like what we do, you can leave. And if you complain, no mod will respect or like you again. If you can kindly argue a valid point, then be my guest.

Remember, we have lives. Do not pester us to look at your profile or respond to your thread. After getting approved, most of the roleplay is free, aside from missions, so you won't really have to bug us. The more you bug us, the farther down on the list your profile is moved.

BEHAVE We will not tolerate any fighting. Please do not start things on the forum or on the chats. Immediate action will be taken. You can deal with whatever comes your way, because you brought it upon yourself. Don't treat other members unkindly and no matter how angry you get, it will not change anything.

OOC FIGHTING Fighting in the RP is obviously okay, depending on your reasoning for fighting. However, OOC fighting will not be tolerated. This goes along with your behavior. Take care of what you have to do in private, but do not get other members involved!

BEFORE YOU JOIN please, have some knowledge of Soul Eater. We can tolerate either manga or anime, however we follow the anime plotline here. If you don't know Soul Eater, but still wish to join, please at least watch a few episodes or read several chapters. You can join without knowledge of Soul Eater, but you cannot RP (in Soul Eater Sections. You may RP in the other RPG section).

ACTIVITY LEVELS are incredibly important. Please keep your characters and account as active as possible. Posting in an RP at least twice a week is good. We understand you have lives, so if you are too busy to post, please notify a staff member. If you are going on a trip or are going to be absent, please post or PM a staff member.

SPAMMING is bad. Don't do it.

LANGUAGE Language should be moderate. We understand that Soul Eater has light cussing, so words like ass and damn are acceptable. Under no circumstances are cusses any greater than those previously listed acceptable. We will not tolerate bad language.


POST LENGTH is important. We don't require huge posts, but at least two paragraphs or so is required for each RP post. There has to be something more that you can post besides "Hi." Get creative with this and make your posts in-depth!

TEXT SPEAK is unacceptable. We understand that people often make typing errors or small grammatical errors, but under no circumstances will we accept something like this: "Bob wuz walken down da hall and he stpped to tlk to his frnd Amy" No. That is bad. Capitalization is also encouraged.

CANON CHARACTERS must be kept active! We encourage the creation of your own OC, but signing up for Canon characters from the anime is acceptable. Each Canon must have 2 moderator/administrator approvals in order to be accepted. If you are accepted, your canon should be your main account.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Your own creation, a character who would not appear in the actual Soul Eater series. It is of your own creation and can be any of the following: Teacher, Meister, Weapon or a Witch!

  • WE WILL NOT ACCEPT any non-human characters (aside from Witches). No werewolves, vampires or immortals. Any person aside from Witches must be completely human, aside from transforming in to weapons. We also will not accept any madness in teachers or students. Weapons may only have one form! Tsubaki is the only exception

SPELLS AND SOUL WAVELENGTHS Soul Wavelength abilities are NOT required in meisters, and cannot be found in any Weapon. Soul Purge (the ability Stein and Black*Star use) are found in only a select group of students. Even if your character has this, it must be weaker than Black*Star's or Stein's, but it can develop over time. However, many meisters have the Soul Perception ability. You can sense Soul Wavelengths in your area, wether they are Meisters, Humans, Weapons or Witches.(*Soul Protect overpowers this when searching for Witches)

Other Soul Wavelength attacks are called Soul Resonance. When a meister and weapon are paired, they can resonate souls to make a stronger attack. Resonances can only be purchased from the Points Shop.

Witches can have up to 5 spells when first starting out. This does include Soul Protect.

GODMODDING, POWER PLAYS AND MARY SUES None of these are acceptable.

  • Godmodding is unacceptable. Godmodding is when your character is unable to be hurt or killed (however, most characters are not killed). Godmodding is also described as when your character is overly powerful, can kill anything and withstand any attack. This is not acceptable in any roleplay.
  • Power Play is the act of controlling another character or controlling the impact of a hit to another player. Again, this is not acceptable.
  • Mary Sues are when your character is perfect, popular, has no flaws and cannot be hurt. This is bad.

ACCEPTANCE Your profile must be accepted by a moderator before you can begin roleplay, in order to ensure that we have none of what is described above, and that your character is in depth. In order for your profile to be accepted you must have the following word in it somewhere where it stands out: bobcat

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