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Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon)

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1Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) Empty Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:53 am


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
Main Username: Shinigami-sama

Hail the Weapons...

Name: Hazard Hellensberg
Nickname: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 5'1", 120 lbs
Type: Weapon
Current Partner: N/A

Sharpen Your Blades...

Picture: Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) Nabari_1005
*Please note, that is not Hazard's hair color.
Appearance: Main Outfit Hazard is of normal size for his age, at least, that’s what it looks like. He’s not exactly the most muscular person, but he isn’t to be considered a weakling. He has a straight stance, though he leans on his right foot more, because that is the strong side of his body.

Hazard has soft green eyes, that seem to change their lightness depending on what he is doing, they can be incredibly dim or excruciatingly bright. His hair is the color of red velvet cupcakes and it falls partially over his forehead and down to his shoulders in the back. It is parted slightly in the front on his forehead.

Hazard is usually seen wearing a black t-shirt that has a soft lime-colored star on the front of it. He wears a jacket over this, a hooded one. It has thick dark blue and grey stripes and a lime green star on the part that covers his heart. He can be seen wearing various types of jeans, all of which are ripped. He usually wears dark blue jeans, but sometimes is seen wearing a pair of soft, worn out blue jeans. He wears a pair of partially laced Vans that have a black and white plaid pattern on them.

School Outfit Hazard usually wears an untucked white collared shirt with a loose red tie around his neck and a soft green jacket that matches the color of his eyes. He also wears a pair of dark blue jeans and the same shoes, the black and white plaid Vans.

Personality: Hazard was always treated as a background character as a child. Nobody really noticed him, aside from his mother and siblings. He didn't really mind not being noticed, because his mind was usually too busy thinking about other things, sometimes more important, sometimes completely random. He usually spaced out when someone was talking to him, and his mother always snapped him back to reality by shaking him or pulling on his arm. That was the kid he was, that was always the way he was, and at the time, there was no changing that.

He grew up the same for ten years, quiet and controlled, but not ever really focused. Until the day when he was taken to the doctor for a check up. They went to the doctor at Shibusen Academy, the one they had gone to all their lives. The doctor had been working on Hazard, running various tests, trying to understand why he was never focused. That was the day when he was told he had ADHD. At first, he didn't really understand. He didn't feel it would affect him. That was until he realized that he wouldn't be able to help his family, at least that was how he felt. He knew that because their father was 'killed' he was going to have to work in order to support his family, but he didn't feel capable of doing it anymore.

He was somewhat the same, a background character, who never seemed to be focused. But he was depressed, forced into a state of clinical depression. He remained in the state of sadness for an entire year, until one day, he knew that he was letting down his family by letting this run his life. The depressed attitude was hurting him more than his ADHD.

So Hazard embraced it. He became who he is today, hardened and serious when he needed to be, controlling himself to the best of his ability. But reckless and fun and distracted when he wasn't doing something of importance. He enrolled at Shibusen and quickly made friends and was an average student. He was smart for a person with ADHD, because over time he became slightly higher than average, but not at the top of his class. That was who he was, the crazy and serious boy, the boy with ADHD. The boy who was determined to make himself powerful, and make himself known.

Fighting Style: Hazard can be slightly reckless as a fighter in human form, because of his ADHD. He is too forward when he fights in human form, because he only fights in it when necessary. He realizes that he is too reckless in human form, and so attempts to stay away from fighting with only his fists, because when he starts fighting in human form, he finds it difficult to control himself and come back to his meister and become a weapon. He can partially transform, by making either of his arms into the curved blade, the blade on the handle of the Khopesh form that he is most often in. He's able to control himself better in this form, not just because he is stronger. His focus level raises, but being in this half transformed state causes him immense pain. When in weapon form, he doesn't have much control over the way he moves, but he can contain himself and his attitude, because he is much more serious when in the hands of his meister.

Attack At Will!

Abilities: Hazard has only one weapon mode, however, it is fairly helpful and strong. He turns into a Khopesh. The handle is made of pure silver, but it has a strange feel to it, a grip-like feature. This makes it easier to hold on to. The blade is a strange metal, similar to silver, but with a green tint. The blade itself is about 55 cm long and it goes straight out about 15 cm, and then juts out into a curve. It is designed more for slashing than straight cutting.

Sometimes, Hazard can change his right arm or left arm into the blade of the Khopesh and use it to swipe at other opponents, however being half transformed pains him greatly, for whatever reason. He doesn't let it show however, when he needs to protect his disabled meister. He is determined to figure out what is causing him pain in this form.

Witch Side Slicer- Hazard's blade grows in length and width and glows a soft white color with a green tint. When swung at a distance, it sends out several Soul Wavelength attacks at a time, in the shape of his blade. In addition, if he attacks directly with his blade, it can literally slice a piece of a Witch's soul off.
Greed Slicer- Hazard's blade shape changes, growing, but the piece that curves takes on the form of a U. The blade grows large pointed spikes on the end and in addition to a more powerful attack, the spikes can also fire off and penetrate enemies. This move targets evil.
Kishin Slicer- Hazard's blade grows to the same size as his Greed Slicer, but has another blade that shoots off the top of the U. This blade can slice through any evil, except maybe full blown Kishin. If it gets near an enemy, and the enemy's body is caught in the U shape, the blade closes into a full O and can be pulled back towards the meister to slice through a body. This move is very difficult and tiring however.

~Good Stamina
~Good Endurance

Weaknesses: Battle weaknesses please.
~Not very strategic

~Overly Protective

Turn Back the Clock...

History: Hazard’s life began shortly before he was born 15 years ago. Hazard was not born yet, but he was forming inside his mother’s womb. His father worked at the Shibusen Academy. His mother stayed at home, because she took care of his siblings and was also resting, because of the strain that came from being pregnant. But his father had a fear. He feared his own death, which he knew was nearing because of the threats he had received, being a teacher at the Academy. He was a desperate man, and knew the threats were from souls that had become eggs of the demon god. He quit work at the Academy, however, his wife and children didn't know he had quit. He spent the days when he was 'at work' in the alleys of Death City. He would attack innocent citizens, and snatch their souls in the darkness. One night, Hazard's mother walked through the very same alley that Hazard's father hid in. He began to attack her, but stopped when he realized who it was. Hazard's mother discovered what he had been doing. She knew she needed to destroy the egg, but she didn't have the heart to kill her own husband, so she sent him away, out of Death City.

Hazard was born soon after, and grew up in Death City. He never knew the story of his father, the true story that is. He had always been told that his father was killed by a Kishin’s Egg, because it did almost happen. Hazard grew up a semi-normal life, his older siblings working while his mother stayed at home, so they were able to support themselves.

However, when Hazard turned ten, he was diagnosed with ADHD, which crushed him for a long period of time, a year. This was because he felt it impaired his ability to help support his family, which was the most important thing to him at the time. That was when he realized that something like this shouldn’t tear him down. He promised himself that he would control it, and maintain his composure.

When Hazard turned 12, he was attacked in the streets, by a Kishin’s Egg. The egg looked almost exactly like Hazard, but twisted. His eyes were a dull green, and he had long black hair. But something in his eyes, it looked like a part of him snapped. The egg attacked him, holding his own arm, which had turned into a sword, up to his neck. That’s when the egg had some kind of realization and ran off. However, his identity remained unknown to Hazard. But the egg knew exactly who he was. It was his son that he had never met.

Hazard grew up normally from then on, but when he turned 13 he discovered that he was actually a weapon, and could transform. His siblings were the same, but his mother was a meister. When she found out Hazard discovered his true identity, she begged him to focus on other things, rather than attempt to become a powerful weapon, but Hazard denied.

He trained for two years, becoming as skilled as possible, his siblings being his temporary meister. He had completely forgotten about meeting the egg, who was his father, because to him it wasn't important, he didn’t know who the man was. But one day, it sparked in his mind and he told his mother about it, about how the man had the same features he did. That was when he learned the truth about his father. Hazard then knew that he couldn’t let fear run his life as his father did. He decided to enter the Shibusen Academy, to become the strongest weapon he could, to protect himself from becoming a Kishin Egg. About a year after entering Shibusen, Hazard was given Spartoi status.

RP Sample: The room was dark, lit only by the sliver of moonlight that shone through the half-closed curtains. Hazard shut his eyes. He focused as best as he could, not allowing his mind to slip away as it always did. He knew that he had to overcome this, but he didn’t know if he could. ”I… I can’t focus. I can’t do this… No. No! I have to do this, I have to do this for my meister. I can’t let my meister down, no matter what." Hazard pushed, closing his eyes tighter, focusing even more. That’s when he felt the rush, the rush he felt every time he tried to do what he was doing now. His right arm lifted and shook violently, and then, he felt something different. It was something that he didn’t feel before. His eyes flashed open, and he smiled a huge grin. He had finally done it. He had transformed a single arm into the blade of the Khopesh that he was.

But, he was unable to stay focused for very long. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate again, but when he opened his eyes, his arm was his arm again, no longer a Khopesh blade.

He slammed his fist on the ground, “Damnit! I can’t do this! I just can’t focus with this stupid ADHD!”

His mother walked into the room and smiled affectionately, sympathetically, “It’s alright honey. You can’t choose your destiny! Your destiny chooses you! You’re the way you are for a reason Hazard, and you’re going to discover why, because you’re my determined little boy!”

“Thanks Mom,” he stood up and ran over to the open arms that belonged to his mother. He closed his eyes and smiled in his head. These were the moments that kept him sane, moments like these.

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2Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) Empty Re: Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:11 pm


Hazard... From flickering souls? I can't believe you made your own site lol, I found this through camp half blood your affiliate. Youcan delete this after you've read this @ clown pig pale lol!

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3Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) Empty Re: Hazard Hellensberg (Weapon) on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:32 pm


Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi
Hey ^.^ I was wondering how you got here~

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