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Elite Spartoi
Elite Spartoi

Points are used to upgrade your character in various witches. This means Soul Resonances, Spells, Soul Wavelength Attacks and Items or Accessories! Every character can upgrade, even Canons!


  • You earn (5) points for every RP post you make on Soul Resonance! (This does not include the Mission Board) Your post count will increase no matter where you post, but your Points will only increase with RP posts.
  • Points can be transferred to different accounts that do NOT belong to you. This means you can ask an admin to send points as a GIFT to someone else. Items (only items) that you gain are a different story. Items you buy can be sent to your own characters or other characters.
  • Training is required for every new Ability you buy. This includes Resonances, Spells and Soul Wavelength Attacks. This means you must actually practice the new ability before you can actually use it correctly in battle. Training Sessions can be made in Shibusen or the Witches' Grounds. It is advised to leave Training Sessions private. Send invites to some other Witches/Meister & Weapon Teams so you don't have people randomly jumping in to your training. You must invite a teacher to host. (If nobody has yet created a teacher character, PM a Global Moderator or Administrator to play a teacher)


Abilities are fairly simple to get, earn points through your Roleplay. However, Abilities are broken into classes, based on the difficulty of the attack.

For Meisters you can gain abilities that involve your Soul Wavelength. This means Basic Soul Purge & Soul Perception. This however can evolve in to Two Hand Soul Purge, and finally Soulthreads. All of these are fairly simple to understand. IT IS ACCEPTABLE TO START WITH ONE OF THE TWO: BASIC SOUL PURGE & SOUL PERCEPTION. YOU CANNOT START WITH ANYTHING HIGHER. REMEMBER, IF YOU START OUT WITH IT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR THE ORIGINAL ABILITY

For Weapon & Meister TEAMS this means Soul Resonances. Soul Resonances are pretty simple, but they are powerful, so they cost the most. Make sure that your Soul Resonance is basically a more powerful version of your weapon's original form. For example, Maka is a Scythe Meister, and their basic Soul Resonance is Witch Hunter, which turns Soul into a larger Scythe blade, that targets evil. Just make sure it's basically a more powerful version, but move in steps, like so: Witch Hunter > Genie Hunter > Kishin Hunter. DON'T start out with Kishin Hunter! And you can give your Resonance its own name.

For Witches, this means new Spells. Spells relate to your Witch Source of Power, such as Medusa can use her 'snakes' to attack people, witch Vector Arrows. You may start with FIVE Spells, including Soul Protect. But here you may buy basic witch spells or more advanced witch spells!

Class 1: Basic Soul Purge, Soul Perception
Class 2: Two-Hand Soul Purge, Basic Witch Magic
Class 3: Soulthread, Stronger Witch Magic
Resonances: ie. Kishin Hunter, Star Shield, Death Cannon

Class 1 200 Points
Class 2 300 Points
Class 3 400 Points
Resonances: 500 Points
*Prices may change over time

Training Amounts:
Yes, you MUST train in order to use your new ability
Class 1: 2 Posts of Training
Class 2: 4 Posts of Training
Class 3: 6 Posts of Training
Resonances: 8 Posts of Training


Items are not used in battle really, except maybe a pet. Items that can be purchased are: Accessories, Clothes, Small Appearance Change, Pet, Completely New Appearance, Completely New Personality. As for pets, this means a PET. Not some huge dragon that can shoot fire. Sure, a baby dragon is acceptable, but its powers should be weak. Keep your pets small in size. Small Appearance Change refers to getting contacts to change eye color, dying your hair, etc.

Accessories: 25 Points
Clothing: 45 Points
Small Appearance Change: 75 Points
Pet: 125 Points
Completely New Appearance: 200 Points
Completely New Personality: 225 Points

After you buy an item, put it into your character bio right away! You should probably work how you got whatever it was into your RP, but it is not necessary to do so. However, you must be able to explain if another characters asks what happened.

Your points will be deducted as soon as you make your purchase and it is approved. If you have any questions, please Contact Shinigami-sama!

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